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As a member of All Hours Fitness, you’ll enjoy access to the best personal trainers in the industry. That means access to knowledgeable experts dedicated to your success. Whatever your goals or experience level, our Personal Trainers can help you reach them with a customized fitness program designed especially for you. You will also be joining a supportive community of members who share your aspirations. All this adds up to an experience you won’t find anywhere else.


Personal Trainer
Nate has been a Personal Trainer and a Physique Coach for 5 years, with 12 years of weight training and 6 years of competitive bodybuilding experience under his belt.
Nate’s passions lay within sculpting physiques, educating his clients on safe yet effective training methods, and advocating for maintaining a healthy but not overly restrictive lifestyle.
Nate’s services suit a broad range of experience levels from teaching the basic fundamentals to beginners who may lack in confidence, to the seasoned athlete who requires refining to advance to the next level.

- Fat loss & Toning
- Muscle Building
- Strength Training
- Nutrition
- Naturopathy
- Competition Prep

- 2015 IFBB Junior Mr. Australasia
- Fitness Cert. III & IV
- Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) – Level 1
- Cert. Sports Nutrition (SNS) (currently studying)

Nate’s Philosophy: “Enhance your physique, enhance your health, enhance your life.”


Personal Trainer
Carlos has many years of experience in Personal Training and Powerlifting/Strength Coaching.
With 13 years of Weight Training and 7 years of Competitive Powerlifting, Carlos’ services are suitable for Beginners who are new to the Gym environment, Intermediate Gym Goers who are in need of a goal to keep accountability with their own training and Powerlifters/Strength Enthusiasts in search of precise technical feedback & progression with their lifting.
Carlos has coached athletes from all levels to local meets all the way to International Competition (IPF/APU).

- Fat loss
- Muscle Building
- Powerlifting & Powerbuilding
- Mobility
- Nutrition
- Individualised Programming (Strength + Powerlifting)

- Diploma in Fitness
- Australian Powerlifting Union
- NSW States 2019 – 2nd Place 74kg Open Men’s

Carlos’ Philosophy: “Physical change requires an open mindset. Change the mindset approach and the body will follow.”


Fitness Instructor
Reema has been a Fitness Instructor for 6 years. She grew up with Boxing being a part of the family, her brother was a world-title holder and that is what inspired her. Reema has her Certificate III & IV in Health and Fitness and specialises in Boxing and High Intensity group training.

Reema’s Philosophy: “Don’t limit your challenge, CHALLENGE YOUR LIMITS!”


Fitness Instructor
Dijana is an ex school teacher with a true passion for fitness! She has been teaching classes for over 20 years and loves freestyle & pre-choreographed strength & cardio classes.

Dijana has a certificate III in fitness and her expertise is Step, Pump, Hiit, Circuit, Spin, Boxing, ATB & Bootcamp classes.

Dijana’s Philosophy: “I can & I will. End of story - don't complicate it!!!”


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