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We all need that one hour each week to focus on our physical fitness. However, when it comes to the type of exercise we are doing, too many people end up relying on the same old workouts they’ve been doing for years. This is why functional training is such an important part of your fitness routine. All Hours Fitness offers the best functional training in Punchbowl so you can make the most of your keep fit program. Functional training is all about using your body’s actual muscles in a way that helps you achieve your goals. This means that you will be using exercises that target muscles in different ways, which can help improve your overall fitness and physique. We have full functional workouts and functional weight training in Punchbowl, so call us today for details.
At All Hours Fitness, we understand the importance of functional training. We place a lot of pride in our functional training zone; we keep it well-stocked, clean, and organised at all times. Our functional training zone is packed full of equipment including medicine balls, kettlebells, sandbags, and a state-of-the-art 10-metre functional rig. We ensure that you have the equipment and the space to complete a full functional workout.

How Do We Differ From Our Competition?

All Hours Fitness is a leading provider of functional training near Punchbowl. Whether new to functional training or looking for a new challenge, All Hours Fitness is the place for you! From full functional workouts to full body sculpting, functional training is the key to a successful workout routine. Our functional training provides the best possible experience for our members. Join us today and start living your best life – more aligned, stronger, and fitter!
Our Facilities
Personal Training
All Hours Fitness have a team of experienced and enthusiastic Fitness Instructors that are always ready to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals.
Separate Ladies Gym
Train in your own privacy with our fully equipped Women's Only Area. This area offers cardio machines, weight equipment and entertainment.
Cardio Training
Get your cardio done in the comfort of a fully air conditioned gym. Our cardio zone has been designed with entertainment in mind With individual T.V’s & internet access.
weight Training
Our gym offers the latest state of the art weight training equipment, including Hammer Strength Power-lifting Platforms/squat racks within our weights area.

Why Do Customers Choose Us?

Enhancing Aerobic Capacity

Functional training improves aerobic capacity by increasing the amount of oxygen your body can utilise during exercise. The intensity of your workouts will increase as well.

Maximisation of Results

Functional weight training is designed to target specific muscles and joints in order to create results. You will see visible changes in your body composition, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

Enhanced Range Of Motion

Functional training helps you achieve a greater range of motion in key areas of the body. This can improve joint function and reduce the risk of injury.

Higher Calorie Burn

Functional training requires more effort than traditional weightlifting, and as a result, you will burn more calories. You will also be working hard at a higher intensity, which can lead to increased fat burning.

Improved Strength & Physique

Best functional training induces muscle growth, improved strength and physique. You will see an increase in your lean body mass, which will result in a better toned physique.

Increased Movement Efficiency

Functional training is known to improve movement efficiency, which can lead to a decreased risk of injury. The movement patterns learned in functional training are more efficient and can be transferred to other activities.

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For the best functional training, come to All Hours Fitness! We will help you achieve the results you desire. If you have any queries about full functional workout, please get in touch with us at or by calling 02 8710 7453.
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