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Sign up to AHF Punchbowl this June and we will waive the $99 Joining Fee!

Already a member? Refer a Friend to the become part of the AHF family and you will receive $1 off your weekly membership rate! T&C’s Apply.

Come and see us during staffed hours or give us a call on 02 8710 7453.



Friends with Benefits Terms & Conditions

  1. The friends with Benefits promotion is a promotion run within AHF gym for its existing members and is subject to the terms & Conditions below. Failure to adhere to the below conditions will have the benefit revoked from the member.
  2. The member must have an existing direct debit membership and be within their contract period to be eligible.
  3. The member must then refer a friend to join AHF.
  4. That referral must sign up on a 12 or 18 month contract to be eligible.
  5. The new member must pay the $60 tag fee and one month membership fee in advance upon sign up.
  6. Once this is cleared, the existing member will have $1 off per week applied to their membership for the duration of their contracted period.
  7. This existing member will continue to receive this benefit for as long as the new member stays at AHF.
  8. If the new member defaults on a payment or cancels their membership, the benefit will be revoked from the existing member.
  9. The existing member is entitled to $1 off per week per friend that they refer and abide by the above conditions.
  10. The new member is bound by the membership agreement at time of sign up in particular the early cancellation fee and any penalties described within.